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Theory and practice of effective argumentation and debate. Students will participate in a variety of speaking activities involving the application of argumentation principles to current political and social issues.

Distribution: Fundamental Academic Skills-Public Speaking

Communication Studies Minor

Students may earn a minor in communication studies. To fulfill the minor, students must complete 18 hours in communication studies courses, including 12 hours of upper-level (3000- and 4000-level) courses. All CMST classes except the course used to fulfill the general education oral communication competency ( CMST 1110 or CMST 2120 ) may count toward the minor in communication studies.  Cross-listed courses with CMST courses may also count. All courses in the minor must be completed with a grade of “C” or higher.

Teacher Education

...or higher) and Communication Studies ( CMST 1110 or CMST 2120 ) (C- or higher) and Quantitative...

Fundamental Academic Skills

...hour courses - CMST 1110 or CMST 2120 . Students may "test out" of CMST 1110 . Contact...