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The course provides students a basic understanding of algorithm analyses. Main topics include: growth of functions, asymptotic notation, recurrences, divide and conquer, sorting and its lower bounds, dynamic programming, greedy algorithms, and graph traversal.

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): CSCI 3320 with C- or better.

Internet Technologies (iT) Concentration for Computer Science Majors

The internet technologies (iT) concentration supplements the Computer Science (CS) curriculum by focusing on the concepts and technologies needed to implement modern web applications. The concentration is designed to supplement the CS core curriculum by introducing the programming aspects as well as the theoretical concepts needed to build the infrastructure for web systems such as search engines, social networking sites, etc. The iT concentration provides extensive hands-on, project-based experience for students.

Electrical Engineering, Bachelor of Science

...Communications & Signal Processing ECEN 4100 Multivariate Random Sustainable Landscape Design CSCI 3710 Introduction to...