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Introduction to graph theory. Representations of graphs and graph isomorphism. Trees as a special case of graphs. Connectivity, covering, matching and coloring in graphs. Directed graphs and planar graphs. Applications of graph theory in several fields such as networks, social sciences, VLSI, chemistry and parallel processing. (Cross-listed with CSCI 8156, MATH 4150, MATH 8156).

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): CSCI 2030 with a C- or better, or MATH 2030 with a C- or better, or MATH 2230 with a C- or better, or permission of instructor.

Internet Technologies (iT) Concentration for Computer Science Majors

The internet technologies (iT) concentration supplements the Computer Science (CS) curriculum by focusing on the concepts and technologies needed to implement modern web applications. The concentration is designed to supplement the CS core curriculum by introducing the programming aspects as well as the theoretical concepts needed to build the infrastructure for web systems such as search engines, social networking sites, etc. The iT concentration provides extensive hands-on, project-based experience for students.

Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Science

...from the following list. Computer Science (CSCI) Courses: 4150/8156 Graph Theory and Applications 4220...