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This course will introduce students to 'the visual,' both in production and critique. This course provides students the opportunity to further their own understanding of what "visual culture" is and how they both can critically create and consume the various products of that culture. In addition, this course will help students create, develop, and cultivate the knowledge base they will need to successfully complete the Visual Communication and Culture minor.

Prerequisite(s): JMC 3340 and JMC 3350 or permission by instructor

Distribution: Humanities and Fine Arts General Education course

Visual Communication and Culture Minor

Students may earn a minor in Visual Communication and Culture (VCC) by taking 18 hours in classes approved by the VCC Coordinator that align with the underlying philosophy of the minor. Three of the hours must include Introduction to Visual Communication and Culture ( JMC 3700 ). The remaining 15 credits will come from both within the School of Communication (at least six credits/two classes) and outside the school (at least six credits/two classes). Nine of the total hours in the minor must be at the 3000-4000 level.