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This course will examine human growth and learning from early through late adolescence, to help students gain an understanding of the biological, social, and cultural influences on the developing child in the second decade of life. The class will focus on how current educational practices and theories of development and learning impact and influence each other. The course will include field-based experiences.

Prerequisite(s): Prerequisites of TED 2100 and TED 2200. Not open to non-degree graduate students.

Teacher Education

Teacher Education at UNO is dedicated to your success and the success of our region's children and teens. As an undergraduate student you will receive one-on-one guidance from an instructional coach who will give you meaningful feedback on your skills as you practice teaching in one of our many partner schools. This process will prepare you for the clinical practice experience and the real world of teaching upon graduation. As a graduate student in one of our award-winning programs, you'll experience blended learning with distance friendly classes taught by professors with PK-12 classroom experience.