University Structure

UNO is part of the Nebraska University system. The system has four university campuses:  UNK, UNL, UNMC, and UNO. The campuses are led by the University President and the president reports to the Board of Regents which is an elected body. Each campus is led by a chancellor who manages an administrative team of vice chancellors who, in turn, oversee different aspects of campus, including academic affairs and student success.

Within UNO, there are six different colleges, each containing different departments or schools. The deans are the top administrators of the colleges. Department chairs or school directors oversee the faculty, staff, and academic processes of the department/school. If you are unsure of your college affiliation, your advisor can assist you in determining the college in which your degree resides. 

All UNO graduate programs are administered by the UNO Office of Graduate Studies, which is part of the University of Nebraska Graduate College.