Mathematics Minor

A student is not required by the graduate faculty to have a minor. However, a student may elect a minor with permission of the major department/school and the minor department/school.

The minor must consist of no fewer than nine graduate hours of MATH or STAT prefixed courses, with at least a B average. At least six of the nine graduate credit hours must be from courses ending in zero. Note that MATH 8880 cannot be used to satisfy the requirements of a mathematics minor. The courses must be included on the Change in Plan of Study form and the minor department must sign off on this form. The minor will be reflected on the student's transcript at the time of graduation.

Students who elect to complete a minor may be required to take a comprehensive examination over the minor field. This requirement will be at the discretion of the minor advisor. If such an examination is given, it should be given at a date arranged at the convenience of both the student and the minor advisor, but falling within the limits established for all comprehensive examinations.