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BIOL 3340  ECOLOGY (4 credits)

Study of interrelationships between organisms and their biotic and abiotic environment; includes the physical environment, population biology, community dynamics, biotic interactions and evolution. Usually offered Fall, Spring, Summer. (Cross-listed with BIOL 8345).

Prerequisite(s): Prerequisites are BIOL 1450 and BIOL 1750, junior-senior. Must enroll in one lab section. Not open to non-degree graduate students.


The biology degree allows students to explore biological topics that span the breadth of biology. Diverse course offerings enable students to obtain broad expertise or to specialize within the discipline. The biology major prepares students for a wide range of career choices.

Molecular and Biomedical Biology

...BIOL 1450 AND BIOL 1750 , two courses from BIOL 2140 , BIOL 3020 and BIOL 3340...

Environmental Studies

...the exceptions of BIOL 1450 , BIOL 1750 , BIOL 2140 , and BIOL 3340 , no other biology...