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A comprehensive introduction to the basic principles of chemistry. This course is intended for all students needing a one-semester introductory course with laboratory including allied health students continuing to CHEM 2210, or those seeking a stronger background before enrollment in CHEM 1180. (Fall, spring, possibly summer). Fulfills a University General Education Natural/Physical Science Requirement.

Prerequisite(s): MATH 1220, MATH 1300, MATH 1320 or equivalent/higher (C- or better) or ACT Math subscore 23+ or ALEKS/Accuplacer score 4+ or SAT Math subscore 540+ or SAT2016 Math subscore 570+. CHEM 1144 must be taken concurrently or prior (C- or higher)

Distribution: Natural/Physical Sci General Education lecture

Education - Elementary Education, Bachelor of Science

...permission of the department Chemistry Selection - CHEM 1140 & CHEM 1144 - MATH 1220 or equivalent within...