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This course teaches principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics to K-12 educators. After taking this course students will be able to use the economic way of thinking to study current economic issues. Students will be introduced to macroeconomic principles, decision-making and policies on national income and output, employment, growth, money, price level, and fundamentals of international issues. Students will study microeconomic issues including product and resource markets, and prices output and input decisions under various market conditions. Economic concepts will be aligned to K-12 state social studies standards. This course cannot be substituted for ECON 2200 and/or ECON 2220.

Prerequisite(s): MATH 1310 or MATH 1220, ENGL 1150. Not open to non-degree graduate students.

Economic Education Certificate

...and ECON 2220 . Students with a secondary education degree from UNO may substitute ECON 2400...