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This class is an advanced writing-intensive course in which students learn about the nature of the academic essay in American university settings; it is intended for students whose language of nurture is not English. Through a study of cultural rhetorics, students become acclimated to the more advanced academic environments they will encounter in American universities and learn the conventions of the writing they will be asked to perform in their major courses, for example, research standards demanded by US professors, including appropriate selection and integration of sources into a student's own writing and navigation of an academic library.

Prerequisite(s): Placement of 3 (ENGL 1100) by Department of English diagnostic examination (called the English Placement and Proficiency Exam or EPPE), or C- or better in ENGL 1090

Teacher Education

...equivalents: ENGL Composition II ( ENGL 1160 or ENGL...STAT 1530 , or STAT 1100 ) (C- or higher...

Fundamental Academic Skills

...ENGL 1150 / ENGL 1154 and ENGL 1160 / ENGL...1220 , MATH 1300 , STAT 1100 or STAT 1530...

College of Information Science & Technology

...better. Unacceptable Credits Courses such as ENGL 1090 , ENGL 1100 , MATH 1210 , and orientation courses...