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Instruction and practice in academic literacy practices, especially writing summaries, analyses, and critical essays in response to assigned texts. Sections identified as "ENGL 1154" are taught in a computer classroom. (Cross-listed with ENGL 1150).

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): Placement of 5 (ENGL 1150/ENGL 1154) on the English Placement and Proficiency Exam (EPPE), grade of C- or better in ENGL 1050 or ENGL 1100, or permission of the department.

Distribution: Fundamental Academic Skills-Composition 1

Fundamental Academic Skills

...Nine hours, to include ENGL 1150 / ENGL 1154 and ENGL 1160 / ENGL 1164 and one...

Teacher Education

...Composition I ( ENGL 1150 or ENGL 1154 ), ENGL Composition II ( ENGL 1160 or ENGL 1164...


...interview. Apart from PHYS 1154, PHYS 1164 and...Physics major this is: ENGL 3980 . Minors Offered...