Public Safety

Department of Public Safety, located in 100 Eppley Administration Building, provides service to the University community 24-hours a day. The number to call for information about any of its services is 402.554.2648.

The duties and responsibilities of the Department of Public Safety are: to protect life and property; provide building and grounds patrol; enforce traffic and parking rules and regulations; enforce University regulations; control the University key system; and provide general safety for all persons on campus.

For ON-CAMPUS EMERGENCIES dial ext. 4-2911.

Title IX

Title IX is a comprehensive federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex (including gender identity) in any federally-funded education program or activity.

Learn more about Title IX.


Buildings are patrolled 24 hours daily. Anyone found in a UNO building after established closing hours, without a UNO identification card, will be asked to leave. Report items stolen or damaged to the Department of Public Safety.

University Building Keys

Department of Public Safety is responsible for the control of the university key system. Eligible University employees should make requests for University keys through their department chairperson.


The Department of Public Safety provides assistance to motorists 24 hours daily, to jump-start your vehicle, open a locked vehicle, and assist in a tire inflation in certain situations, for vehicles on campus only.

Parking Traffic

All accidents should be reported to Department of Public Safety immediately.

Personal Escorts

Officers are available to escort individuals to/from campus buldings 24 hours a day.

Personal Safety Checks

Individuals who may be working alone, outside normal working hours are encouraged to contact Department of Public Safety. Security officers will periodically check on your safety while you are here.

Operation I.D.

Your personal belongings may be engraved to aid in finding lost or stolen property. Stop by the Department of Public Safety Office and check out an engraver and instructions to engrave your property.

Lost and Found

Department of Public Safety maintains the lost and found system. Lost and found items are held for 30 days.


The Department of Public Safety provides a fingerprinting service for individuals who require finger prints for job applications and military needs. This service also applies for children of students, staff, faculty, and alumni. It is strictly for the benefit of the parents should a child ever be missing; no record will be maintained by Department of Public Safety. Contact Department of Public Safety for times of service or an appointment at 402.554.2648.

Environmental Health and Safety

It is the goal of the university to provide a safe, healthy environment to work and study. In order to achieve this, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) provides a number of training programs and consultation services for students, faculty and staff. Programs directed by EHS include: employee safety and passenger van training, hazardous waste management, emergency preparedness, fire protection, and accident investigations.

Safety Data Sheets and other information related to the safe handling and disposal of chemicals can be obtained from the EHS website. Students can help maintain a safe environment at UNO by reporting unsafe conditions on campus. Visit the EHS website; call 402.554.3596, or visit EHS in 211 Eppley Administration Building.