Multidisciplinary Studies (MLTI)

Multidisciplinary Studies Undergraduate Courses


A foundational course for the Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Studies degree. Students explore the requirements, goals, and objectives of the program as well as gain an understanding of emotional intelligence capabilities.

Prerequisite(s): Not open to non-degree graduate students.


This capstone course engages Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Studies (BMS) students with significant themes or topics around a real-world issue or problem. The capstone requires the development of a substantial final project that combines learning from multiple sources and perspectives, including general education courses, BMS degree courses, prior learning in and outside the classroom, as well as co-curricular experiences. As the concluding experience for BMS students, the capstone provides the opportunity for students to reflect, through their Multidisciplinary Learning Portfolio, on how their education informs their future professional, personal, and educational lives.

Prerequisite(s): MLTI 3000 and ENGL 1160. Student must have 102 earned credit hours to enroll. This course should be taken towards the end of the Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Studies degree program as a culminating experience. Not open to non-degree graduate students.

Distribution: Writing in the Discipline Single Course