Admission Decisions

Admission by Review

Students who do not qualify for Assured Admission by meeting all entrance criteria may be considered for Admission By Review (ABR). Each applicant will be reviewed and considered for admission on an individual basis. The student’s cumulative high school grade point average, class rank, ACT/SAT scores, and the grades received in the core course requirements are all considered a primary factor in the admission evaluation and decision. The student may be asked to provide letters of recommendation from the high school counselor or principal, as well as an educational purpose statement. 

Students presenting fewer than 24 semester hours of transferable coursework from a regionally-accredited collegiate institution following high school graduation will be required to meet the freshman admission requirements for assured admission or under any Admission By Review category that applies.

Those who do not fully meet these requirements may still qualify for admission to the university under Admission by Review. The Undergraduate Admissions Office will determine how deficiencies in the prior record of these students will be made up. All applicants must meet the admissions requirements as set by the college to which they apply.

Your enrollment at the university will be accepting the terms of your admission. All students admitted under Admission By Review will be monitored for academic success.   

Provisional Admission

Students who are admitted pending the receipt of final admission documents are considered to be Provisionally Admitted to the University.

All offers of admission are provisional if you have high school or collegiate coursework in progress. Final admission is dependent on receipt and review of your final transcripts. Admission offers are subject to cancellation if your final coursework does not meet admission requirements.

Required documents needed to complete your admission can be viewed on MavLINK. All documents must be submitted within the first eight weeks of the first term of enrollment. Failure to do so will result in an enrollment hold blocking further registration. Only one term of provisional admission/enrollment is allowed. No extensions or waivers of the enrollment hold will be granted. It is the student’s responsibility to provide all credentials required for admission.

Applicants with Academic Suspension or Dismissal Record

Students whose academic records reflect they were placed on academic suspension or dismissal during the last calendar year at any college or university are not eligible for admission to UNO. Once the university has received a transcript or other notification indicating suspension or dismissal within the last calendar year admission will be cancelled and/or the student will be disenrolled from classes and any tuition paid to date for the semester would be refunded. The student would be eligible to reapply for admission to UNO after one full year from the end of the last term in which the student was suspended.

Deferred Admission

For those students who do not meet the admission requirements, admission will be deferred for future additional academic preparation at another postsecondary institution before being eligible for admission to UNO.

Fraudulent and Incomplete Applications

The University reserves the right to deny or revoke admission, including dismissal from the university, if any information is given falsely or withheld on the admission application or if transcripts/documents submitted in support of an admission application or to obtain residency are discovered to be altered or fraudulent.